Welcome To Unstoppable Marketing…home of Kent Sayre!

Who We Are

Unstoppable Marketing is a business opportunity research, development, and marketing firm.  We specialize in discovering unique, unconventional methods ordinary individuals can use to leverage themselves into their own profitable businesses.

In short, we help individuals start their own businesses.  Typically those businesses are non-traditional businesses such as mail-order operations and internet marketing businesses.

We’ve been around since 2001 and our proud of our sterling reputation.  We strive to go the extra mile to serve each of our clients.  We’re honored and humbled to have helped over 45,000 clients jump start their own businesses to date.

Our worldwide headquarters is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  Our customers span all over the United States…in every state of our great nation.

The founder, Kent Sayre, hails from a suburb of Portland.  He’s been a serial entrepreneur almost all his adult life.  He’s founded software, real estate, publishing, supplement, and marketing businesses.  His formal education includes earning multiple computer science degrees that he used to launch his career as an engineer at a major computer chip manufacturer.

Fed up with the corporate rat race after nearly two years, Kent left his engineering job to embark on his entrepreneurial journey.  His first breakthrough product was a self-published self-help book.  Having written the book but unable to market it through traditional marketing channels, he dove headfirst into studying the art of direct response marketing.

Once that book sold tens of thousands of copies, and Kent had a solid business working exclusively from home, others started clamoring for Kent to teach them how he did.  How can one truly have a successful business based out of their home?  This question led Kent to start teaching what he discovered to others… and that’s how Unstoppable Marketing the company was born.

Our goal for you as a client is to teach you everything you need to know about getting started in business without losing your shirt.  It is truly a jungle out there.  If you don’t get good advice from the right mentor, you may be doing everything according to what they tell you but end up spinning your wheels…and ultimately going nowhere fast.

Our goal is to educate our clients about how to find, analyze, and launch a business opportunity properly.  We teach our clients how to peel back the hype and uncover the honest facts about any business they’re thinking of pursuing.  Our hope is for you to start your business with minimal time investment, minimal risk, minimal money, and maximize your profits, growth, and fun in your business.